Subject Specialists

This is a list of ERS specialists by topic. For more information on these topics please contact the specialists listed below or browse our topics. The ERS staff directory has a complete list of contacts.

Subject Specialist Email Phone
Animal Products
Animal Policy & Regulatory Issues William Hahn 816-412-4148
Cattle & Beef Russell Knight 816-412-4161
Hannah Taylor 816-412-6621
Dairy Angel Terán 816-412-5266
Hogs & Pork Mildred Haley 202-694-5176
Poultry & Eggs Grace Grossen 816-412-4147
Adriana Valcu-Lisman 816-412-5247
Sheep, Lamb & Mutton William Hahn 816-412-4148
Corn and Other Feed Grains Angelica Williams 816-412-7448
Cotton and Wool Leslie Meyer 202-694-5307
Fruit and Tree Nuts Catharine Weber 816-410-3210
Seth Wechsler 202-720-3846
Helen Wakefield
Rice Nathan Childs
Soybeans and Oil Crops Aaron M. Ates 816-412-6177
Maria Bukowski 202-245-1196
Sugar and Sweeteners Vidalina Abadam
Vegetables and Pulses Wilma Davis 816-412-5256
Gary Lucier
Catharine Weber 816-410-3210
Wheat Andrew Sowell
Bryn Swearingen 816-412-6612
Farm Bill
2023 Farm Bill Farm Income Team 202-694-5145
2018 Farm Bill Farm Income Team 202-694-5145
2014 Farm Bill Farm Income Team 202-694-5145
Farm Economy
Agricultural Baseline Baseline Team
Agricultural Research and Productivity Keith Fuglie 202-694-5588
Sun Ling Wang 202-694-5460
Eric Njuki 816-412-4186
Bioenergy Steven Ramsey 816-412-4199
Commodity Outlook Jennifer Bond 202-694-5326
Farm & Commodity Policy Agricultural Policy Team
Farm Household Well-being Christine Whitt 202-694-5288
Farm Labor Marcelo Castillo 202-694-5548
Skyler Simnitt 816-412-5210
Steven Zahniser 202-694-5230
Farm Sector Income & Finances Farm Income Team 202-694-5145
Farm Structure and Organization Nigel Key 202-694-5567
Christine Whitt 202-694-5288
Federal Tax Issues Tia McDonald
Land Use, Land Value & Tenure Scott Callahan 816-823-1473
Socially Disadvantaged, Beginning, Limited Resource, and Female Farmers and Ranchers Nigel Key 202-694-5567
Farm Practices & Management
Biotechnology Laura Dodson 202-694-5505
Fertilizers & Pesticides Roberto Mosheim 202-694-5365
Richard Nehring 816-926-1548
Crop & Livestock Practices Nigel Key 202-694-5567
Irrigation & Water Use Aaron Hrozencik 816-926-1444
Risk Management Francis Tsiboe 816-412-7454
Dylan Turner 816-410-5410
Food & Nutrition Assistance
Child Nutrition Programs Joanne Guthrie 202-694-5373
Saied Toossi
Food Assistance Data & Collaborative Research Programs Mark Prell 202-694-5408
Alana Rhone 202-694-5622
Food Security in the U.S. Alisha Coleman-Jensen 240-927-3313
Matthew Rabbitt 816-412-4197
Laura Hales 816-412-7441
Poverty & Income Volatility Laura Tiehen 202-694-5417
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Jordan Jones
WIC Program Leslie Hodges
Jessica Todd 202-694-5363
Food Choices & Health
Diet Quality & Nutrition Sabrina Young
Consumer Information and Labeling Brandon Restrepo 816-926-1961
Food Access Alana Rhone 202-694-5622
Food Consumption & Demand Abigail Okrent
Diansheng Dong 816-823-1535
Hayden Stewart 816-823-1595
Obesity Joanne Guthrie 202-694-5373
Mariah Ehmke
Food Markets & Prices
Consumer and Producer Price Indexes Matthew MacLachlan 202-694-5205
Megan Sweitzer
Food Prices, Expenditures, and Establishments Patrick Canning 816-412-4121
Hayden Stewart 816-823-1595
Andrea Carlson 202-694-5072
Food Service Industry Eliana Zeballos 202-694-5442
Wilson Sinclair
Local Foods Anne Byrne
Xiao Dong 816-926-1447
Ashley Spalding
Processing & Marketing Xiao Dong 816-926-1447
James Zachary
Retailing & Wholesaling Xiao Dong 816-926-1447
Anne Byrne
Food Safety
Consumers Sandra Hoffmann 202-694-5354
Jae-Wan Ahn
Markets, Regulation, and Policy Michael Ollinger 202-694-5454
Kar Ho Lim
International Markets & U.S. Trade
U.S. Agricultural Trade Bart Kenner 816-412-4159
James Kaufman 816-412-6171
Countries & Regions Felix Baquedano 816-412-4106
Africa Michael Johnson 816-412-5261
Brazil Constanza Valdes 816-412-5221
China Fred Gale 202-694-5215
European Union Jeremy Jelliffe 816-412-4155
India Kayode Ajewole 816-412-4103
USMCA, Canada, & Mexico Steven Zahniser 202-694-5230
International Consumer and Food Industry Trends Steven Zahniser 202-694-5230
Constanza Valdes 816-412-5221
Global Food Security Yacob Zereyesus 816-412-5232
Lila Cardell
Macroeconomics & Agriculture Wendy Zeng 816-412-6621
William Johnson 816-412-5222
Trade Policy & World Trade Organization (WTO) Katherine Baldwin 816-412-7424
Natural Resources & Environment
Climate Change Ron Sands 816-926-1547
Conservation Programs Steven Wallander 202-694-5546
Environmental Quality Steven Wallander 202-694-5546
Organic Agriculture Sharon Raszap Skorbiansky 202-690-0050
Rural Economy & Population
Business & Industry John Pender 202-694-5568
Employment & Education Tracey Farrigan 202-694-5489
Austin Sanders
Natural Amenities David McGranahan 816-926-7092
Population & Migration John Cromartie 202-694-5421
Rural Classifications John Cromartie 202-694-5421
Rural Poverty & Well-Being Tracey Farrigan 202-694-5489