Tracey Farrigan

Tracey Farrigan



Tracey Farrigan is a Geographer with the Rural Economy Branch in the Resource and Rural Economics Division. In this position, she focuses on a variety of research topics related to rural household well-being. Tracey's principal areas of expertise are poverty and impact analysis.


Tracey has been with ERS since 2007.


Ph.D. Geography (Penn State University), M.S. Resource Economics (University of NH), B.A. Business Economics and Geography (SUNY), A.S. International Business

Selected Publications

Farrigan, T. 2009. "Children's Health Insurance and National Health Policy," Choices 24(4), 4th Quarter.

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Farrigan, T. 2008. "Child Health and Well-Being Differ for Metro and Nonmetro Low-Income Households," Amber Waves 6(5):9, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service, November.

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