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Amber Waves

Amber Waves presents the broad scope of ERS research and analysis on the economics of food, farming, natural resources, and rural America. The April 2017 issue includes articles on farm loans, food purchases, family farms and production, and South African chicken imports.

New from ERS


The Potential Effects of Increased Demand for U.S. Agricultural Exports on Metro and Nonmetro Employment

This report models the economic effects of a hypothetical 10-percent increase in foreign demand for U.S. agricultural exports.


Rural Education at a Glance, 2017 Edition

Educational attainment is growing in rural America, but gains vary across demographic groups. Low education in some rural areas is closely related to high poverty and unemployment rates.


The Food Assistance Landscape: FY 2016 Annual Report

In fiscal year 2016, USDA’s 15 domestic food and nutrition programs totaled $101.9 billion. This was 2 percent less than the previous fiscal year, and about 7 percent lower than the historical high of $109.2 billion set in fiscal year 2013.


Daily Access to Local Foods for School Meals: Key Drivers

School districts with enrollment above 5,000, in urban areas, and in counties with more farmers’ markets were more likely to serve local foods daily, as were districts with higher per capita income and State farm-to-school policies.


Store Formats and Patterns in Household Grocery Purchases

ERS analyzes relationships among store formats, healthfulness of grocery purchases, and household demographics. Consumers buy the most healthful food at supermarkets and club stores and the least healthful at convenience stores.