ERS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Media Resources

The following page provides links to the latest available data supporting the analysis of potential effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on U.S. commodity markets, including supply chain disruptions and global demand for agricultural products. Additional links provide background information on a variety of farm and food topics.

New from ERS

The newsroom image for the The Food Retail Landscape Across Rural America report.

The Food Retail Landscape Across Rural America

A look at changes to the number and location of food retailers across the contiguous United States.

This is the newsroom image for the Food Insecurity Among Working-Age Veterans report.

Food Insecurity Among Working-Age Veterans

This report analyzes food insecurity among working-age veterans and examines the association between military service and food insecurity. In 2015–19, 11.1 percent of working-age veterans lived in food-insecure households, and 5.3 percent lived in households with very low food security.

Socially Disadvantaged, Beginning, Limited Resource, and Female Farmers and Ranchers

Since the 1990s, beginning, socially disadvantaged, and limited resource farmers and ranchers in the United States have been eligible to receive benefits from a variety of Farm Act programs. ERS research examines the characteristics of these targeted farm operators, the farms they operate, and their households; their participation in agricultural commodity, conservation, or loan programs; and related topics, such as the number and characteristics of female farm operators.

This is the newsroom image for the Economic Crises and U.S. Agricultural Exports report.

Economic Crises and U.S. Agricultural Exports

A study of past economic crises and a simulation of the effects of possible future crises show that such shocks can reduce U.S. agricultural exports considerably, especially if such a downturn hits a number of countries at the same time.

The Food Access Research Atlas

Users can create maps showing food access indicators by census tract using different measures and indicators of supermarket accessibility, such as income, distance, and vehicle availability. Now includes updated estimates for 2019.

Weekly Retail Food Sales

The ERS Weekly Retail Food Sales data product uses scanner data to show how retail food sales have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Data are provided by week with breakdowns by food category and State.