Natural Resources & Environment

  • Climate Change
    ERS conducts research on a range of climate change issues related to agriculture.
  • Conservation Programs
    Some farming practices can degrade natural resources and the environment; other practices can preserve and enhance our natural heritage and provide substantial benefits through careful management of agricultural land. USDA's conservation programs help agricultural producers improve their environmental performance with respect to soil health, water quality, air quality, wildlife habitat, and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Environmental Quality
    ERS examines the relationship between agriculture and environmental quality by analyzing the use and efficacy of conservation practices; environmental impacts of production practices and management decisions; and the role of Federal programs and policies.
  • Organic Agriculture
    Consumer demand for organically produced goods has shown strong growth since the 1990s, providing market incentives for U.S. farmers across a broad range of products. ERS conducts research on a range of organic agricultural issues, including production, retail sales, market outlook, and trade.