Anne Byrne

Research Agricultural Economist


Anne Byrne is a research agricultural economist in the Food Markets Branch. Her research focuses on how consumers access and afford food. She analyzes economic features of the food landscape—including retail food markets, food banks, and other private food assistance services—and geographic variation of food availability. She also analyzes consumer food behavior, particularly among low income and resource limited households, including use of food assistance and substitution across products and outlets.


Anne joined ERS in June 2021, after completing her Ph.D. Her graduate work focused on the economics of private food assistance, examining the value of food banks, cycles in food pantry use, and the effects of stigma in perceptions of pantry food.


Ph.D., Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University
M.S., Agricultural and Resource Economics, Colorado State University
B.S., Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado

Professional Affiliations

Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA)
American Economic Association (AEA)
Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association (NAREA)

Selected Publications

Byrne, Anne T., David R. Just, and Christopher B. Barrett. “But it came from a food pantry: Product stigma and quality perceptions of food pantry offerings." Agricultural Economics (2022)

Byrne, Anne T., and David R. Just. "What is free food worth? A nonmarket valuation approach to estimating the welfare effects of food pantry services." American Journal of Agricultural Economics (2022)

Katare, Bhagyashree, Hyejin Yim, Anne T. Byrne, H. Holly Wang, Michael Wetzstein. “Consumer willingness to pay for environmentally sustainable meat and a plant‐based meat substitute.” Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy (2022)

Byrne, Anne T., and David R. Just. "The Other Half: An Examination of Monthly Food Pantry Cycles in the Context of SNAP Benefits." Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy 43.2 (2021): 716-731.

Just, David R., and Anne T. Byrne. "Evidence-based policy and food consumer behaviour: how empirical challenges shape the evidence." European Review of Agricultural Economics 47.1 (2020): 348-370.

Byrne, Anne T., et al. "A factor-income approach to estimating grassland protection subsidy payments to livestock herders in Inner Mongolia, China." Land Use Policy 91 (2020): 104352.