Food Markets & Prices

  • Consumer and Producer Price Indexes
    The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for food measures changes in the retail prices of food items and is the principal indicator of changes in retail food prices. The Producer Price Index (PPI) for food measures changes in prices paid to domestic producers for their output. ERS regularly updates food price forecasts for up to 18 months in the future.
  • Food Prices, Expenditures, and Establishments
    ERS develops and monitors indicators of individual, household, and market-level food consumption, prices, expenditures, food marketing costs, and farm-to-retail price spreads. ERS has acquired proprietary data for use in food economics research.
  • Food Service Industry
    ERS research examines the size of the foodservice market, major market segments, and recent issues related to the foodservice industry.
  • Local Foods
    ERS research on local food systems explores alternative definitions of local food, estimates market size and scope, describes the characteristics of local food consumers and producers, and examines economic and health impacts of local food systems.
  • Processing & Marketing
    ERS monitors key developments and trends across the U.S. food marketing system.
  • Retailing & Wholesaling
    ERS research on trends and developments in wholesale sales and in traditional and nontraditional retail food stores.