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Abraham, Rani Contractor 202-694-5253
Adam, Brian D. Crops Branch Chief
Ahearn, Mary Agricultural Economist 202-694-5423
Aillery, Marcel Agricultural Economist 202-694-5511
Ajewole, Kayode Economist 816-926-1998
Ali, Mir Agricultural Economist 202-694-5558
Alstyne, Chris Van Civil Rights Director
Alton, Edward Contractor
Arnade, Carlos Agricultural Economist 816-926-1564
Ash, Mark Agricultural Economist 202-694-5289
Astill, Gregory Economist 816-926-2568
Bailey, Rodwell Information Technology Project Manager 202-694-5027
Baquedano, Felix Economist 816-926-7847
Beckman, Jayson Economist 202-694-5557
Beidel, Eric Public Affairs Specialist
Bentley, Jeanine Social Science Analyst 202-694-5342
Bersani, Peter Information Technology Specialist 202-694-5052
Blazejczyk , Andrzej Agricultural Economist 816-926-1727
Bloem, Jeffrey Economist
Boline, Amy Agricultural Economist
Bond, Jennifer K. Agricultural Economist 202-694-5326
Brees, Angela Branch Chief 816-823-2891
Burr, Jennifer Administrative Officer
Burress, Molly Managing Editor, Web Communications 816-926-7387
Buzby, Jean C. On Detail 202-694-5370
Callahan, Scott Research Agricultural Economist 816-823-1473
Canning, Patrick Senior Economist 816-926-6527
Capehart, Thomas Agricultural Economist 202-694-5313
Caraveo, Andrea Agricultural Economist 202-694-5074
Carlson, Andrea Economist 202-694-5072
Castillo, Marcelo Economist 202-694-5548
Cessna, Jerry Agricultural Economist 202-694-5171
Chan, Jaime IT Specialist 202-694-5477
Chelius, Carolyn Economist 816-926-1943
Cheng, Xinzhe Economist 202-694-5376
Childs, Nathan Agricultural Economist 202-694-5292
Cho, Clare Agricultural Economist 202-694-5395
Christensen, Cheryl Senior Economist
Cleveland, Patricia Operations Support Specialist 202-694-5617
Coleman, Marcelle Customer Support 202-694-5073
Coleman-Jensen, Alisha Social Science Analyst 202-694-5456
Conley, Kelsey Agricultural Economist
Cromartie, John Geographer 202-694-5421
Das, Piyali Contractor
Davis, Christopher G. Agricultural Economist 202-694-5167
Davis, Wilma Agricultural Economist
Denbaly, Mark Deputy Director for Food Economics Data 202-694-5390
Dimitri, Carolyn Agricultural Economist
Dobis, Elizabeth Research Agricultural Economist 816-823-5091
Dodson, Laura Economist 202-694-5505
Dohlman, Erik Acting Branch Chief 202-694-5585
Doles, Mike Contractor 202-694-5076
Dong, Diansheng Senior Economist 816-823-1535
Dong, Xiao Research Economist 816 926 1943
Douglas, Angela Customer Support 202-694-5079
Dubman, Robert Agricultural Economist 202-694-5506
Dudgeon, David Data Management and IT Coordinator
Dyson, Samika Administrative Assistant 202-694-5189
Effland, Anne Senior Economist
Elitzak, Howard Agricultural Economist 202-694-5375
Esch, Michele Chief of Staff
Farrigan, Tracey Geographer 202-694-5489
Farris, Jarrad Economist
Fuglie, Keith Economist 202-694-5588
Gale, Fred Senior Economist 202-694-5215
George, Lilia Management and Program Support Assistant 202-694-5207
Gerval , Adam Economist 816-926-8819
Gibbs, Robert Acting Director 202-694-5423
Gillespie, Jeffrey Acting Branch Chief 202-694-5308
Giri, Anil K. Research Agricultural Economist
Golden, Dana Agricultural Economist 816-926-1842
Goldman, Jana Contract Editor
Grant, Victoria IT Specialist 202-694-5396
Greene, Catherine Agricultural Economist 202-694-5541
Gregory, Christian A. Branch Chief 816-926-1648
Gross, Linda Systems Analysis 202-694-5067
Grossen, Grace Agricultural Economist 816-926-8820
Gudmunds, Karl Branch Chief 202-694-5029
Guerrero, Andres Contract Graphic Designer 202-694-5575
Guthrie, Joanne Nutritionist 202-694-5373
Gutierrez, Harry IT Specialist (Security) 202-694-5374
Ha, Kim A. Economist 202-694-5360
Hahn, William Agricultural Economist 816-926-1443
Haley, Mildred Agricultural Economist 202-694-5176
Hansen, James Senior Economist 202-694-5321
Harris, Dominique Acquisitions Supervisor 202-694-5016
Haylock, Camille Associate Director 202-694-5004
Hellerstein, Daniel Agricultural Economist 202-694-5613
Hjort, Kim Agricultural Economist 202-694-5310
Hoffman, Linwood Agricultural Economist 202-694-5298
Hoffmann, Sandra Senior Economist 202-694-5354
Hopkins, Jeffrey W. Branch Chief 202-694-5121
Hrozencik, Aaron Research Agricultural Economist 816-926-1444
Husby, Megan Agricultural Economist
Hyman, Jeffrey Economist 202-694-5382
Ivanic, Maros Agricultural Economist
Jackson, Mark IT Specialist 202-694-5046
Jarrell, Philip Agricultural Economist
Jelliffe, Jeremy Economist
Jones, Carrie K. Economist 202-694-5068
Kantor, Linda Economist 202-694-5392
Kassel, Kathleen Assistant Director for Communications 202-694-5352
Kelly, Kirse Contract Editor 202-694-5464
Kenner, Bart Economist 816-926-8827
Kerns, Andrew Data Coordinator/Systems Analysis 202-694-5035
Key, Nigel Agricultural Economist 202-694-5567
Kim, SeungGyu Economist 202-694-5500
Kim, Korrin Visual Information Specialist 202-694-5397
King, Tammy Systems Administration 202-694-5081
Knauth, Courtney Writer/Editor 202-694-5383
Knight, Russell Agricultural Economist 816-926-3269
Kramer, Jaclyn Economist (816) 926-6007
Krumel, Thomas Agricultural Economist 816-926-7868
Kuchler, Fred Senior Economist 202-694-5468
Landes, Maurice Research and Outlook Economist
Law, Jonathan Economist 202-694-5544
Liefert, Olga Economist 202-694-5155
Liefert, William M. Senior Agricultural Economist 202-694-5156
Lin, Biing-Hwan Senior Economist 202-694-5458
Litkowski, Carrie Economist 202-694-5145
Lord, Ronald Agricultural Economist
Lucier, Gary Agricultural Economist
Lyon, Lien Systems Analysis 202-694-5028
MacDonald, James M. Acting Branch Chief 202-694-5610
MacLachlan, Matthew Economist 202-694-5205
Maguire, Kelly B. Assistant Administrator 202-694-5448
Maher, Mary Branch Chief 202-694-5126
Mandalay, Okkar Agricultural Economist 202-694-5364
Marquardt, David IT Specialist 202-694-5015
Martin, Anikka Agricultural Economist
Martinez, Stephen Agricultural Economist 202-694-5378
McClelland, Ket Systems Analysis 202-694-5026
McConnell, Michael Agricultural Economist 202-694-5184
McDonald, Tia Research Agricultural Economist
McGranahan, David Senior Economist 816-926-7092
McKeague, Julie Mathematical Statistician 816-994-4306
McLaughlin, Patrick W. Agricultural Economist 202-694-5402
Meyer, Leslie Agricultural Economist 202-694-5307
Milkove, Daniel Agricultural Economist 202-694-5357
Miller, Noah Research Agricultural Economist
Miller , Matthew Agricultural Economist
Mills, Tiffany Customer Support 202-694-5043
Morris, Aris Contractor
Morrison, Rosanna Mentzer Assistant Director for Product Coordination and Dissemination 202-694-5411
Mosheim, Roberto Agricultural Economist 202-694-5365
Myers, Stephanie Systems Administration 202-694-5087
Nazario-Negron, Jimmy Information Systems Support Specialist
Negron, Valerie Public Affairs Specialist 202-694-5226
Nehring, Richard Agricultural Economist 816-926-1548
Newman, Constance Deputy Director for Research and Communications 202-694-5598
Nigatu, Getachew Economist 202-694-5303
Njuki, Eric Agricultural Economist 816-926-2504
Nkonya, Ephraim M. Research Agricultural Economist 816-926-7275
Nulph, David Systems Analysis 202-694-5620
O'Donnell, Christine Senior IT Advisor 202-694-5070
Oliveira, Victor Agricultural Economist 202-694-5434
Ollinger, Michael Agricultural Economist 202-694-5454
Olson, David W. Agricultural Economist 202-694-5102
Ortiz, Ruben Social Scientist
Padilla, Samantha Agricultural Economist 816-926-1925
Page, Elina Agricultural Economist 202-694-5032
Pan, Wendy IT Specialist 202-694-5034
Park, Timothy Branch Chief 816-926-1943
Parker, Timothy Social Science Analyst 202-694-5435
Payton, Beverly Web Data Technical Consultant 202-694-5165
Pender, John Senior Economist 202-694-5568
Perry, Janet Senior Economic Advisor
Peterson, Cliola Quality Control Specialist 202-694-5141
Phillips, Barbara Budget Analyst 202-694-5554
Pompey, Angela Information Security 202-694-5399
Pounds-Barnett, Gayle Agricultural Economist
Pratt, Bryan Research Agricultural Economist 816-926-2613
Prell, Mark Senior Economist 202-694-5408
Qi, Weison Systems Analysis 202-694-5469
Rabbitt, Matthew P. Economist 816-823-5300
Ralston, Katherine Acting Deputy Director for Research and Communication 202-694-5463
Ramsey, Steven Research Agricultural Economist 816-823-2877
Ray, Cynthia Visual Information Specialist 202-694-5135
Ready, Carol Contract Editor
Reed-Rose, Wanda Web Data Technical Consultant 202-694-5393
Restrepo, Brandon On Detail 816-926-1961
Rhodes, M. Taylor Economist 202-694-5010
Rhone, Alana Agricultural Economist 202-694-5622
Robinson, Nsenga IT Specialist 202-694-5117
Rogers, Carolyn Assistant Director for Communications 202-694-5436
Rosenberg, Andrew Research Agricultural Economist 816-926-1640
Ross, Kimberly Publishing Services Branch Chief 202-694-5731
Russell, Dylan Agricultural Economist
Ruth, Timothy Agricultural Economist
Saksena, Michelle Agricultural Economist 202-694-5007
Sands, Ron Senior Economist 816-926-1547
Scarborough, Melanie Contract Editor (202) 694-5416
Scherpf, Erik Economist 202-694-5437
Sclopis, Itzel del Director AFS 202-694-5616
Scott, Sara Managing Editor (816) 926-7385
Seeley, Ralph Agricultural Economist 202-694-5332
Short, Gianna Research Agricultural Economist 202-694-5543
Simms, Dale Public Affairs Specialist 202-694-5137
Simnitt, Skyler Economist 816-926-1393
Sinclair, Wilson Economist
Smits, Jennifer Director of Communications 202-694-5604
Sowell , Andrew Agricultural Economist
Staiert, Jim Associate Administrator
Stefanou, Spiro ERS Administrator
Stewart, Hayden Senior Economist 816-823-1595
Suarez, Janneth Systems Analysis 202-694-5066
Subedi, Dipak Agricultural Economist 202-694-5216
Sweitzer, Megan Agricultural Economist 202-694-5659
Tanner, Sophia Research Agricultural Economist 816-926-1550
Team, Farm Income Group contact
Team, ARMS Group contact
Tegene, Abebayehu Associate Director 202-694-5527
Terry, Tina Customer Support 202-694-5582
Thomas, Lorie Budget Analyst 202-694-5412
Thomas, Nancy Agency Budget Officer 202-694-5008
Tiehen, Laura Senior Economist 202-694-5417
Todd, Jessica E. Agricultural Economist 202-694-5363
Vaiknoras, Kate Research Agricultural Economist
Valdes, Constanza Agricultural Economist 816-926-6041
Vandeveer, Monte Research Economist
Variyam, Jay Division Director 816-926-3024
Vasavada, Utpal Acting Director, Market and Trade Economics Division 202-694-5540
Vilorio, Dennis Assistant Outreach Editor 202-694-5261
Vo, Julie Systems Analysis 202-694-5045
Wallace, Valencia Systems Administration 202-694-5089
Wallander, Steven Economist 202-694-5546
Wang, Sun Ling Agricultural Economist 202-694-5460
Watkins, Patricia Systems Administration 202-694-5112
Weidman, Pheny Statistician 202-694-5013
Weilert, Trina Branch Chief (816) 926-3942
Whitt, Christine Agricultural Economist 202-694-5288
Wiggins, Mary Career Counselor 202-694-5041
Wilcox, Lisa IT Specialist Internet 202-694-5574
Williams, Dawn Assistant Director for Information Technology and Data 202-694-5097
Williams, Nedra Quality Control Analyst (Web Development) 202-694-5122
Williams, Ryan GIS Analyst 202-694-5605
Williams, Brian Agricultural Economist
Winston, Patricia Customer Support 202-694-5098
Wood, Kimberly Budget Analyst 202-694-5181
Wright, Dwayne Information Technology Specialist 202-694-5315
Wright, Olivia Peer Review Coordinator 202-694-5531
You, Chengxia Systems Analysis/Applications 202-694-5011
Zachariah, Daniel Contractor 202-694-5259
Zahniser, Steven Acting Branch Chief 202-694-5230
Zeballos , Eliana Research Agricultural Economist 202-694-5442
Zereyesus, Yacob Economist
Zhang, Xingyou Research Mathematical Statistician 202-694-5611