Joanne Guthrie



Joanne F. Guthrie is a Senior Research Nutritionist in the Food Assistance Research Branch of the Food Economics Division of ERS.


Joanne previously worked with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and at several USDA agencies, including the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, Human Nutrition Information Service, and the Agricultural Research Service. She is a former Peace Corps Volunteer Nutritionist and National Health Service Corps Nutritionist.


Joanne holds a Master’s of Public Health degree and a doctoral degree in Human Nutrition.

Selected Publications

She has authored or co-authored several USDA publications and has published in peer-reviewed nutrition journals. The following are some recent publications:

Forrestal, S., Potamites, E., Guthrie, J., and N. Paxton. 2021. “Associations among food security, school meal participation, and students’ diet quality in the first School Nutrition and Meal Cost Study.” Nutrients. 13(2):307.

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Blitstein, J., Guthrie, J. and C. Rains. 2020. “Low-income parents’ use of Front-of-Package nutrition labels in a virtual supermarket.” Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 52:850-858.

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Lin, B-H., J.F. Guthrie and T.A. Smith. 2019. “Dietary Guidance and New School Meal Standards: Schoolchildren’s Whole Grain Consumption Over 1994–2014.” American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 57(1): 57-67.

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