Fred Gale

Senior Economist


Conducts research and market analysis on China's agriculture, policies and international trade. Fred Gale also has extensive experience in research on U.S. farm structure and the rural economy.

Current Projects:

  • Analysis of China-U.S.-Brazil soybean trade
  • Investigation of China's rejections of imported foods
  • Indexes of China and U.S. cost-competitiveness for major commodities
  • Historical development of China's pork industry


PhD, Economics, N.C. State University, 1988. BS, Economics, Virginia Tech, 1983

Selected Publications

E. Gooch and F. Gale. 2018. China’s Foreign Agriculture Investments, USDA-ERS. EIB 192.

F. Gale. 2017. China's Pork Imports Rise Along with Production Costs, USDA-ERS. LDPM-271-01.

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