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Sabala, Ethan Research Agricultural Economist 816-412-6160
Sanders, Austin Agricultural Economist
Sands, Ron Senior Economist 816-926-1547
Sanguinett, Christopher Visual Information Specialist 816-412-5205
Sauer, Christine Research Agricultural Economist 816-412-5245
Scherpf, Erik Research Agricultural Economist
Scott, Sara Assistant Director for Outreach 816-412-5208
Shaik, Saleem Branch Chief, Agricultural Policy and Models Branch 816-412-5233
Sharma, Brad Information Technology Specialist, Systems Analysis/Application Software Development
Shetler, Anna ERS Summer Intern
Sichko, Christopher Research Agricultural Economist
Simnitt, Skyler Economist 816-412-5210
Sinclair, Wilson Economist
Smith, Kevin Civil Rights Director
Smith, Meaghan Agricultural Economist
Smits, Jennifer Director of Communications 202-694-5604
Sowell , Andrew Agricultural Economist
Spalding, Ashley Research Agricultural Economist
Staiert, Jim Associate Administrator
Stefanou, Spiro ERS Administrator
Stevens, Alexander Research Agricultural Economist
Stevenson, Christine Web Managing Editor
Stewart, Hayden Senior Economist 816-823-1595
Stropkay, Kyle ERS Summer Intern
Suarez, Janneth Information Technology Specialist, Systems Analysis/Application Software Development 202-694-5066
Subedi, Dipak Agricultural Economist 202-694-5216
Swearingen, Bryn Agricultural Economist 816-412-6612
Sweitzer, Megan Agricultural Economist
Symanski , Elaine Contract Editor
Szmurlo, Daniel Agricultural Economist