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MacDonald, James M. Branch Chief 202-694-5610
MacLachlan, Matthew Economist 202-694-5205
Maguire, Kelly B. Branch Chief 202-694-5448
Maher, Mary Branch Chief 202-694-5126
Malcolm, Scott Agricultural Economist 202-694-5517
Malloy, Danny Budget Analyst 202-694-5107
Mancino, Lisa Agricultural Economist 202-694-5563
Marquardt, David IT Specialist 202-694-5015
Marshall, Elizabeth Economist 202-694-5571
Martinez, Stephen Agricultural Economist 202-694-5378
Mathis-Pace, Melody Management and Program Support Assistant 202-694-5483
Matias, Mariana Agricultural Economist (202) 694-5280
Matlock, Gwendolyn Internet Specialist 202-694-5038
McBride, William D Agricultural Economist 202-694-5577
McClelland, Ket Systems Analysis 202-694-5026
McConnell, Michael Agricultural Economist 202-694-5184
McGranahan, David Senior Economist 202-694-5356
McLaughlin, Patrick W. Agricultural Economist 202-694-5402
McNiff, Nancy Public Affairs Specialist 202-694-5106
McPherson, Lori Supervisory Management Analyst 202-694-5498
Meade, Birgit Assistant Director for Communication 202-694-5159
Melton, Alex Economist 202-694-5409
Meyer, Leslie Agricultural Economist 202-694-5307
Milkove, Daniel Financial Economist 202-694-5357
Miller, Loretta Program Specialist 202-694-5379
Mills, Tiffany Customer Support 202-694-5043
Minor, Travis Economist 202-694-5333
Mitchell, Lorraine Agricultural Economist 202-694-5234
Morrison, Rosanna Mentzer Assistant Director for Product Coordination and Dissemination 202-694-5411
Mosheim, Roberto Agricultural Economist 202-694-5365
Myers, Stephanie Systems Administration 202-694-5087