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Kane, Thomas IT Specialist
Kantor, Linda Economist 202-694-5392
Kassel, Kathleen Assistant Director for Communications 202-694-5352
Kaufman, James Agricultural Economist 816-412-6171
Kee, Jennifer Research Agricultural Economist 816-412-6614
Keel, Casey Writer-Editor
Keller, Andrew Agricultural Economist
Kenner, Bart Agricultural Economist 816-412-4159
Kerns, Andrew Deputy Director of Data Management and Technology 202-694-5035
Key, Nigel Agricultural Economist 202-694-5567
King, Sarah Workforce Development Specialist 816-412-4160
Knauth, Courtney Writer/Editor 202-694-5383
Knight, Russell Agricultural Economist 816-412-4161
Kuchler, Fred Senior Economist