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Callahan, Scott Research Agricultural Economist 816-823-1473
Canning, Patrick Senior Economist 816-926-6527
Caraveo, Andrea Agricultural Economist 202-694-5074
Cardell, Lila Research Economist
Carlson, Andrea Economist 202-694-5072
Castillo, Marcelo Economist 202-694-5548
Cessna, Jerry Branch Chief, Animal Products and Cost of Production Branch 202-694-5171
Chaltas, Jeff Contract Editor
Chan, Jaime Information Technology Specialist, Data Management 202-694-5477
Childs, Nathan Agricultural Economist
Clark, Tony Information Technology Specialist, Systems Analysis/Application Software Development
Coleman-Jensen, Alisha Social Science Analyst 202-694-5456
Collins, LaPorchia A. Research Agricultural Economist 816-412-6605
Conley, Kelsey L. Agricultural Economist
Couturier, Beth WSB Branch Chief
Cromartie, John Geographer 202-694-5421
Crowe, Jessica Branch Chief