The United States is a major wheat-producing country, with output typically exceeded only by China, the European Union, India, and Russia (in the last three years).

  • Wheat ranks third among U.S. field crops in both planted acreage and gross farm receipts, behind corn and soybeans.
  • U.S. wheat harvested area has dropped off nearly 30 million acres, or nearly one-third, from its peak in 1981 because of declining returns compared with other crops and changes in government programs that allow farmers more planting flexibility.
  • About half of the U.S. wheat crop is exported.
  • Despite rising global wheat trade, the U.S. share of the world wheat market has eroded in the past two decades.

ERS analysis and data on wheat include the following:

  • Current and historical data on production, use, farm-level prices, and trade.
  • Monthly market outlook reports on supply, output, and prices for major classes of wheat; the global trade outlook; and market prospects for major trading countries.
  • In-depth analysis of events in domestic and global wheat markets that influence supply, demand, trade, and prices.

NOTEInformation on crop commodity policy under the 2014 Farm Bill is available on the 2014 Farm Bill programs and provisions