Economic Information Bulletin No. (EIB-254) 27 pp

February 2023

U.S. Agricultural Policy Review, 2021

This report is the inaugural edition in a series examining annual developments in U.S. agricultural policies, focusing on policies related to production agriculture, agrofood value chains, and food and nutrition assistance. U.S. agricultural policies are designed to address multiple objectives—including providing an income safety net for agricultural producers, minimizing negative environmental impacts of agricultural production, ensuring agricultural supply chains are equipped to provide adequate quantities of safe food to consumers, and helping address food and nutrition insecurity among vulnerable populations. Different policy tools are used to meet these objectives—including cost share, direct payments, provision of credit, or access to services. Policy developments in 2021 continued to respond to the ongoing impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and extreme weather. Other policy developments in 2021 were aimed at updating certain risk management tools, addressing the impacts of climate change, and supporting improved equity in access to farm programs and outreach to underserved communities.

Keywords: Farm policy, ad hoc assistance,COVID-19, disaster assistance, commodity programs, conservation, crop insurance, climate, equity, supply chains, food and nutrition assistance

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