Charts and Maps of U.S. Farm Income and Finances Data

The wealth of information contained in the Farm Income and Wealth Statistics data product—over 375,000 data points that break down the farm sector by geography, time period, commodity, and different financial variables—is explored through three interactive visualizations.

  • Charts and Maps About Your State enables the user to pick a State to view a collection of State-level agricultural variables from 2008 through the latest estimates available. The data include general information on the number of farms and the acres of farmland in the State, as well as the top five commodities in cash receipts and the top five expenses. Users can also see where a particular State ranks compared with other States in terms of selected income and expense variables, including net farm income, cash receipts, expenses, and more. 
  • Charts and Maps of U.S. Farm Balance Sheet Data presents an overall picture of the farm sector balance sheet and important financial ratios from 1960 to the latest year available. It also includes indicator forecasts where applicable. The visualization depicts levels and trends in assets and debt, looks at the value of farm real estate and other components of assets, and explores the composition of debt by lender. Users can also use the visualization to track measures of the farm sector's efficiency, liquidity, profitability, and solvency. 
  • Charts and Maps of U.S. Farm Income Statement Data presents a comprehensive picture of the farm sector income statement. Users can choose to display detailed data on sector cash receipts, expenses, Federal government farm payments, and other farm-related income from 2008 through the latest estimate available.