Economic Research Report No. (ERR-259) 38 pp

October 2018

The Association Between Restaurant Menu Label Use and Caloric Intake

Federal menu-labeling regulations now require certain restaurants to post the calorie content of all standard items on menus. This study uses survey data to analyze the association between restaurant menu label use and total and source-specific daily caloric intakes among individuals who saw nutrition information on a menu the last time they visited a fast-food or sit-down restaurant.

See related Amber Waves article: New National Menu Labeling Provides Information Consumers Can Use To Help Manage Their Calorie Intake.

Keywords: menu labeling, calorie intake, restaurant menu, chain restaurant, fast food, food choices, source of food, calorie information, nutrition information, consumers, food service establishments, health, adult obesity, Federal menu labeling regulations, Food and Drug Administration, FDA, Flexible Consumer Behavior Survey, FCBS

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