Economic Research Report No. (ERR-234) 63 pp

July 2017

Conservation Compliance: How Farmer Incentives Are Changing in the Crop Insurance Era

Conservation Compliance ties eligibility of Federal farm program benefits to soil and wetland conservation. Under the 2014 Farm Act, Compliance incentives are similar to what would have occurred under an extension of the 2008 Act. Incentives would be lower on many farms if crop insurance premium subsidies were not contingent on meeting Compliance requirements.

See related Webinar: Conservation Compliance: How Farmer Incentives are Changing in the Crop Insurance Era, Tues., Sept. 12, 1 PM EDT.

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Keywords: Conservation Compliance, wetlands, soil erosion, highly erodible land, crop insurance, commodity programs, Highly Erodible Land Conservation, Wetland Conservation, premium subsidies

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