Food Assistance & Nutrition Research Program No. (FANRR-38) 30 pp

November 2003

Food Assistance and Nutrition Research Small Grants Program: Executive Summaries of 2002 Research Grants

This report summarizes research findings from the Food Assistance and Nutrition Research Small Grants Program. The Economic Research Service created the program in 1998 to stimulate new and innovative research on food assistance and nutrition issues and to broaden the participation of social science scholars in these issues. The report includes summaries of the research projects that were awarded 1-year grants in summer and fall 2001. The results of these research projects were presented at the October 2002 Small Grants Program conference. The projects focus on food insecurity and hunger, nutritional status and diet quality, Federal food assistance program participation, and the role of private-sector organizations in the provision of food assistance. Some projects focus on specific populations, such as people living in the rural South and those living on American Indian reservations.

Keywords: Food assistance, nutrition, vulnerable populations, food security, food insecurity, hunger, food assistance, Food Assistance and Nutrition Research Program, food spending, well-being, Food Stamp Program, food stamps, National School Lunch Program, WIC

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