Feed Outlook No. (FDS-14A) 18 pp

January 2014

Feed Outlook: January 2014

The January 2014 Feed Grains Outlook report contains projections for the 2013/14 U.S. and global feed markets based on the most current World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates. Errata: On January 16, 2014, Table 5 of the January 2014 Feed Outlook has been corrected to reflect an error in first-quarter (2013/14) corn for fuel ethanol use. This correction changes previously reported estimates of Quarter 1 "Alcohol for Fuel" and Quarter 1 "Total food, seed and industrial use."

Keywords: Corn, sorghum, barley, oats, wheat, trade, feed and residual, food and, industrial use international production, animal units, grain consuming animal units

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