International Macroeconomic Data Set

The Economic Research Service’s (ERS) International Macroeconomic Data Set provides annual historical and projected data for 181 countries that account for more than 99 percent of the global economy. These data and projections are assembled explicitly to serve as underlying assumptions for the annual USDA agricultural supply and demand projections, which provide a 10-year outlook on U.S. and global agriculture. The macroeconomic projections describe the long-term, 10-year scenario that is used as a benchmark for analyzing the impacts of alternative scenarios and macroeconomic shocks. The projections are calculated by the ERS Macroeconomic Team based on data compiled from the U.S. Government, international agencies’ projections, private forecast subscription services, and the USDA, Economic Research Service, Market and Trade Economics Division’s regional and country experts.

Data Set Last Updated Next Update
Baseline Data Files
Real Gross Domestic Product (2015 base) Projected 11/28/2023
Real per Capita GDP (2015 base) Projected 11/28/2023
Gross Domestic Product Deflator Values (2015 base) Projected 11/28/2023
Gross Domestic Product Shares (2015 base) Projected 11/28/2023
Real Exchange Rates (2015 base) Projected 11/28/2023
Consumer Price Indexes (2015 base) Projected 11/28/2023
Population (2015 base) Projected 11/28/2023