Update and Revision History

On May 17, 2022, the data product Agricultural Research Funding in the Public and Private Sectors was revised, updated, and renamed as Agricultural and Food Research and Development Expenditures in the United States. Data for public agricultural R&D expenditures and private food R&D expenditures are reported annually from 1970 to 2019. Data for R&D expenditures by private agricultural input industries continue to be reported for 1970-2014 and were not updated from the previous release (February 15, 2019). Public R&D expenditures were revised from 2002 onward using data from the National Institute for Food and Agriculture's (NIFA) Research, Education, and Economics Information system (REEIS) data portal. Inflation-adjusted expenditures for public and private research were revised from 1970 onward using the Biomedical Research and Development Price Index (BRDPI) from the National Institutes of Health (February 2022 update).