Twenty Five Years of Food Security Measurement: Extramural Research Grants

The U.S. government began measuring household food security in 1995, making 2019 the 25th year of data collection.

To mark this milestone, ERS will fund a suite of competitive grants—aimed at generating new ideas, innovative approaches, and critical feedback—to improve food security measurement methods. This will be done through a collaborative research program titled “25 Years of Food Security Measurement: Answered Questions and Further Research”. The purpose of this research program is to foster research related to the past 25 years of U.S. household food security research and to encourage ideas for feasible evidence-based improvements looking forward.

Selection and coordination of research projects will be managed through a collaboration between Tufts University and the University of Missouri.

The selection of research projects is underway. The projects selected will be announced in April 2021.

Research papers resulting from funded projects will be presented at a national conference in April 2022 and will be compiled in a journal supplement.

Research Areas

Proposals for research projects may cover a variety of topics, but all selected proposals will demonstrate items that ERS can use to improve or extend household food security measurement.