Food Assistance Data & Collaborative Research Programs

USDA's domestic food and nutrition assistance programs affect the daily lives of millions of people, with about one in four Americans participating in at least one program at some point during a given year. These programs represent a significant investment, accounting for over two-thirds of USDA's annual budget.

ERS is the primary source for economic studies and evaluations of domestic food and nutrition assistance programs to meet the needs of USDA, Congress, program managers, program participants, the research community, and the public at large. To address this diverse group, ERS has developed an integrated program of intramural and extramural research. A key component of this program is research dissemination.

The Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) is the agency responsible for administering USDA's food and nutrition assistance programs and has information on the programs' eligibility requirements, benefits, regulations, and application process.

ERS data investments and collaborative research programs include the following:

  • SNAP and WIC Administrative Data
  • Twenty Five Years of Food Security Measurement: Extramural Research Grants
  • RIDGE Program
  • National Data Sets