Commodity Highlights

The Commodity Highlights Visualization is an interactive data tool that offers a comprehensive time series for more than 70 individual fresh and processed vegetable and pulse commodities. Users can navigate United States maps as well as various bar and line charts to engage with the data and uncover trends and patterns. The data presented include annual harvest acreage from the latest USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) Census of Agriculture. Production, prices, exports, imports, share of availability imported, share of supply exported, and per capita availability are all sourced or derived from the Vegetables and Pulses Yearbook. This data visualization is updated annually (following publication of the Vegetables and Pulses Yearbook)

The primary source of the data in the Commodity Highlights Visualization is the yearbook tables. Secondary sources include the Census of Agriculture. Specific data sources are provided on the source line of each visualization. For specifics on the data types within the visualization, the .csv file that accompanies the visualization itself.

The statistics shown in these interactive charts are available for download in a machine readable .csv file format. Download the complete Commodity Highlights Data file.