International Agriculture and Trade Outlook No. (WRS-0302) 47 pp

December 2003

The Poultry Sector in Middle-Income Countries and Its Feed Requirements: The Case of Egypt

Analysis of world meat production reveals poultry as the fastest growing livestock sector in many middle-income countries, including Egypt. While income growth fuels rising demand for meat, other factors often determine how that demand will be satisfied. Domestic and trade policies, as well as resource constraints, in middle-income countries affect the mix between domestic production and imports of meat and feedgrains. Egypt represents an interesting example of the interaction between domestic production and imports of meat and feeds. Forecasts of derived feed demand for Egypt's poultry industry to 2010 indicate a rising dependency on world markets for imports of feed and meat-choices facing many other middle-income countries.

Keywords: Egypt, poultry, eggs, production, feed demand, price and income elasticities, meat consumption, trade policy, middle-income countries

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