Food Security Assessment Situation and Outlook No. (GFA-19) 54 pp

July 2008

Food Security Assessment, 2007

The number of food insecure people in the 70 lower income countries covered in this report rose between 2006 and 2007, from 849 million to 982 million. Food insecure people are those consuming less than the nutritional target of 2,100 calories per day. The food security situation of these countries is projected to deteriorate over the next decade. The distribution gap-an indicator of food access-is projected to rise from 44 million tons in 2007 to more than 57 million tons in 2017. This is more than seven times the amount of food aid received by these countries in 2006. Sub-Saharan Africa, already the most vulnerable region with the lowest calorie intake levels, will suffer the greatest deterioration in food security.

Keywords: Food security, food aid, food imports, oil prices, biofuels, ethanol, diet composition, obesity, calorie availability, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Commonwealth of Independent States

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