Price Spreads from Farm to Consumer

ERS compares prices paid by consumers for food with prices received by farmers for corresponding commodities. This data set reports these comparisons for a variety of foods sold through retail foodstores such as supermarkets and supercenters.

Comparisons are made for individual foods and groupings of individual foods—market baskets—that represent what a typical U.S. household buys at retail in a year. The retail costs of these baskets are compared with the money received by farmers for a corresponding basket of agricultural commodities.

ERS data on price spreads for meat, pork, poultry, and eggs can be found in the Meat Price Spreads data product. A different method is used to calculate monthly price spreads for beef, pork, broilers, turkeys, and eggs.

Users may also be interested in an interactive data visualization; see Interactive Chart: Price Spreads and Food Markets.

Data Set Last Updated Next Update
Milk and dairy basket 3/7/2018
Butter, one pound 1/20/2016
Cheddar cheese, one pound 3/7/2018
Ice cream, regular, one-half gallon 3/7/2018
Whole milk, one gallon 3/7/2018
Fresh fruit
Fresh fruit basket 12/13/2016
Fresh apples 3/7/2018
Fresh grapefruit 3/7/2018
Fresh grapes 3/7/2018
Fresh lemons 3/7/2018
Fresh oranges 3/7/2018
Fresh peaches 3/7/2018
Fresh pears 3/7/2018
Fresh strawberries 3/7/2018
Fresh vegetables
Fresh vegetables basket 10/18/2017
Fresh broccoli 3/7/2018
Fresh lettuce, iceberg 3/7/2018
Fresh potatoes 3/6/2017
Fresh tomatoes, field grown 3/7/2018
Processed fruit and vegetables
Orange juice, not from concentrate, one gallon 10/18/2017
Orange juice, frozen concentrate, one reconstituted gallon 10/18/2017
Field crops
Flour, white, all purpose, per pound 3/7/2018
Margarine, stick, per pound 11/14/2012
Sugar, white, per pound 10/18/2017
White pan bread, per pound 8/11/2014
Archived Versions
Cheddar cheese, one pound 11/20/2013
Ice cream, regular, one-half gallon 11/20/2013
Whole milk, one gallon 11/20/2013
Butter, one pound 11/14/2012