The value of fruit, tree nut, and vegetable production is projected to grow nearly 3 percent per year through 2027

A chart showing the value of production for vegetables and fruit and tree nuts.

The total farm value of fruit, tree nut, and vegetable production is projected to grow by roughly 2.7 percent annually over the next decade, reaching just over $65.8 billion by 2027, up from almost $52 billion forecast for 2018. Forty percent of the total value for 2027 comes from fruit, while tree nuts and vegetables account for 18 and 42 percent, respectively. In addition to rising farm prices driven by general inflation expectations, production is expected to grow in all three categories, driving up total value. Production of fruit and vegetables, in the aggregate, is expected to increase by just under 1 percent per year through 2027, while tree nut production is projected to expand by just over 2 percent annually. Vegetable production projections are primarily influenced by expected growth in the pulse (e.g. beans, lentils) sector. Nut production projections reflect growing domestic and export demand for almonds, walnuts, and pecans. Projections for a 0.7-percent increase in fruit and tree nut value of production in 2018 reflect losses for Florida’s citrus crops related to Hurricane Irma. A quick recovery is expected, and production value for fruit and tree nuts is projected to grow at a faster rate beginning in 2019. This chart appears in the USDA report, Agricultural Projections to 2027, released in February 2018.

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