Per capita Federal funding varies by metropolitan status

A chart showing the per capita Federal funds by function and metro and non metro status, fiscal year 2010.

On average, the U.S. Government allocated $10,864 per person in Federal funds during the 2010 fiscal year. Federal programs specifically aimed at community resource issues (including public infrastructure, business assistance, and housing) are often considered central to rural development. ERS analysis finds that rural (nonmetropolitan) areas have historically received somewhat less community resources funding per capita than urban areas. Examining the data at a regional level indicates that the West is the only region where rural areas receive more Federal funds per capita than urban areas. Across the U.S., rural areas tend to receive more per capita funding in support of agriculture and natural resources, human resources (such as education, health/nutrition, job training/employment, and social services), and income security than urban areas. The data that support this chart are found in the Federal Funds data product on the ERS website, updated December 2011.

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