Rosanna Mentzer Morrison

Assistant Director for Product Coordination and Dissemination


Rosanna Mentzer Morrison is the Assistant Director for Product Coordination and Dissemination for ERS' Food Economics Division. She also currently serves as an Associate Editor for ERS' flagship magazine, Amber Waves. Amber Waves provides a window for a broad audience into ERS' research program, covering production agriculture, food safety and nutrition, the food industry, rural economies, agricultural trade, and farm-related environmental issues. Rosanna is responsible for the food-related content of the magazine.


Since joining ERS in 1980, Rosanna has divided her time between research and editorial activities. Her research interests have included generic advertising of farm commodities, the market for fat substitutes in food products, U.S. food consumption trends, and economies of scale for food irradiation technology. Rosanna co-authored a report with ERS colleague, Tanya Roberts, on the technical, public health, and economic considerations of food irradiation at the request of the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, and she represented ERS on an inter-agency committee coordinating Federal research and policymaking efforts in the food irradiation field. From 1992 to 2002, Rosanna was the Economics Editor of ERS' FoodReview magazine.

Selected Publications

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