Nzinga Broussard

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Nzinga H. Broussard joined the Market and Trade Economics Division in October 2014 as a Research Economist in the Food Security and Development Branch. She received her Ph.D. in economics and public policy from the University of Michigan. Nzinga has over 6 years of experience conducting research in the areas of development, labor, and agricultural economics. Her research has explored the role of social safety nets in helping households escape poverty in rural Ethiopia. She has published peer-reviewed articles on food aid targeting, the intra-household allocation of food aid, and fertility and self-employment. Dr. Broussard has taught at Claremont McKenna College and spent four months in Ethiopia as a visiting fellow for the International Growth Centre.  Prior to joining ERS she was a research associate at IMPAQ International. Nzinga’s work at ERS will focus on food security and agricultural productivity in developing countries.