Matthew MacLachlan



Matthew MacLachlan is a Research Economist in the Animal Products and Cost of Production branch of the Market and Trade Economics Division. His research focuses on the effect of natural disasters and infectious diseases on livestock producers and markets for animal products. He has developed approaches for quantifying the impacts of infectious diseases when data are scarce, responses are delayed, or the effect it is difficult to isolate the impact from other changes.


After completing his Ph.D., Matthew joined ERS in 2015. He had previously worked as a field biologist with Blankinship and Associates. 


Ph.D. in Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California, Davis; B.S. in Environmental Biology and Management, University of California, Davis; B.A. in Economics, University of California, Davis.

Professional Affiliations

Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA).

Selected Publications

Modjtahedi, B.S., Finn, A.P., Barb, S.M., MacLachlan, M.J., van Zyl, T., Papakostas, T.D. and D. Eliott., 2018. “Characteristics and outcomes of endogenous endophthalmitis: eight-year experience at a tertiary care center.” Ophthalmology Retina.

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