Jeffrey Gillespie

Research Agricultural Economist


Jeffrey Gillespie is a senior economist in the Animal Products and Cost of Production Branch of the Market and Trade Economics Division at USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS).


Jeff joined ERS in 2016. His research focuses on factors influencing production costs of U.S. livestock, dairy, and poultry. Prior to coming to ERS, he served as the Martin D. Woodin Endowed Professor of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness at Louisiana State University, where his research focused on production economics of animal agriculture, and he taught courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Jeff has served the profession in a number of roles, most notably as Editor of the Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics and as President of the Southern Agricultural Economics Association.


Jeff received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Agricultural Economics from Auburn University and his Ph.D. in Agricultural and Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota.

Professional Affiliations

Jeff is a member of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association and the Southern Agricultural Economics Association.

Selected Publications

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