Jayson Beckman

Agricultural Economist


Jayson Beckman is an Economist in the Agricultural Policy and Models Branch in the Market and Trade Economics Division. He is engaged in a variety of research projects related to policy, including trade, energy, and agricultural policy. Most recently, he has conducted research on trade agreements, tax policy, and biofuels.


Jayson received a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics in 2008 from Purdue University. He received an M.S. (2005) and B.S. (2003) from the University of Arkansas.

Selected Publications

Beckman, J., Gopinath, M., and M. Tsigas. 2018. “The Impacts of Tax Reform on Agricultural Households.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 100(5): 1391-1406.

Beckman, J., Gooch, E., Landes, R., and G. Munisamy. 2018. “Market Impacts of China and India Meeting Biofuel Targets Using Traditional Feedstocks.” Biomass and Bioenergy, 108: 258-264.

Arita, S., Beckman, J., and L. Mitchell. 2017. “Reducing Transatlantic Barriers on U.S.-EU Agri-food Trade:  What are the Possible Gains?” Food Policy, 68: 233-247.

Beckman, J. and S. Arita. 2016. “Modeling the Interplay between Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures and Tariff-rate Quotas under Partial Trade Liberalization.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 99(4): 1078-1095.