Gregory Astill



Gregory M. Astill joined ERS as a Research Economist for the Crops Branch in the Markets and Trade Economics Division in 2016. His work focuses on production economics in the U.S. produce sector, including issues on food safety and the food safety practices used by fruit and vegetable growers and processors. His previous research has covered the economic feasibility of anaerobic digesters and complementary nutrient management technologies in dairies, technology adoption at the industry-level, and dairy production.


Greg received his Ph.D. in Economics from Washington State University in 2016 and his B.A. in International Relations from Brigham Young University in 2011.

Professional Affiliations

Greg is a member of the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association and the Washington Statistical Society.

Selected Publications

Astill, G., and C. Shumway. 2016. "Profits from Pollutants: Economic Feasibility of Integrated Anaerobic Digester and Nutrient Management Systems," Journal of Environmental Management 184:353-62.