Daniel Bigelow

Daniel Bigelow

Agricultural Economist


Daniel Bigelow is a Research Agricultural Economist in the Farm Economy Branch of the Rural and Resource Economics Division.


Dan studies land economics, with emphasis on the microeconomic foundations through which aggregate land-use patterns and trends emerge. Of additional interest to Dan are policy-focused applications involving the economics of land and water resource management and climate change.


Before coming to ERS in July 2015, Dan obtained a Ph.D. in Applied Economics from Oregon State University, with Resource and Environmental Economics as his field of specialization. Dan also holds an M.S. (2010) and B.S. (2008) in Resource Economics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Bigelow, D.P., A. Chaudhry, J. Ifft, and S. Wallander. 2018. "Agricultural water trading restrictions and drought resilience," Land Economics, forthcoming.

Bigelow, D.P. and H. Zhang. 2018. "Supplemental irrigation water rights and climate change adaptation," Ecological Economics 154: 156-167.

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Bigelow, D.P., A.J. Plantinga, D.J. Lewis, and C. Langpap. 2017. "How does urbanization affect water withdrawals? Insights from an econometric-based landscape simulation," Land Economics 93(3):413-436.

Bigelow, D.P., and A.J. Plantinga. 2017. "Town mouse and country mouse: Effects of urban growth controls on equilibrium sorting and land prices," Regional Science and Urban Economics 65:104-115.

Dempsey, J.A., A.J. Plantinga, J.D. Kline, J.J. Lawler, S. Martinuzzi, V.C. Radeloff, and D.P. Bigelow. 2017. "Effects of local land-use planning on development and disturbance in riparian areas," Land Use Policy 60:16-25.

ERS Publications

Bigelow, D.P. 2017. "A Primer on Land Use in the United States," Amber Waves, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service, December.

Bigelow, D.P., and A. Borchers. 2017. Major Uses of Land in the United States, 2012, EIB-178, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service, August.

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