Cheryl Christensen

Branch Chief


Cheryl Christensen is Chief of the International Trade and Development Branch in ERS's Market and Trade Economics Division. The branch provides monitoring and analysis of global food security conditions. It conducts research on the factors affecting food security and agricultural development (e.g. macroeconomic conditions, policies, market performance, agricultural productivity) and explores the impact of factors such as climate change on food security in key countries.


Previous positions with ERS include Deputy Director for International Programs and Staff Analysis in the Market and Trade Economics Division, Deputy Director of the Resource Economics Division and three Branch Chief positions (Developed Market Economies, Western Europe, and Africa/Middle East). Cheryl also served as a senior economist with Abt Associates, and was on the faculties of the University of Maryland, University of Pittsburgh, Edinburgh University (UK), and Makerere University (Uganda).


Cheryl received a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a BA from the University of Minnesota. She was also awarded a Council on Foreign Relations Fellowship.

Selected Publications

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