Carlos Arnade

Agricultural Economist


Carlos Arnade joined the Economic Research Service (ERS) in 1984, after working with rural banks while serving in Peace Corps Philippines.


Carlos has worked on and published papers that evaluate import demand, focusing more on Latin American trade. In the late 1980s, he moved into measuring total factor productivity and evaluating its impact on trade and published several papers on that issue. In the 1990s, Carlos began working on noncompetitive markets, and, with other ERS economists, published several papers that estimated measurement of oligopoly power in various food markets. He also published several papers on estimating efficiency and technical change in Russian agriculture.  During that period, he also published papers on market segmentation and price analysis. Recently, with several ERS economists, he has published papers measuring the impact of food safety events on consumer demand, as well as analyses of price relationships in various cash and futures markets. A number of papers have made, and been cited for, methodological contributions to the literature.


B.A. and M.S. from the University of Florida.

Two years additional graduate course work in Econometrics and Trade, funded by ERS. One year Russian language training funded by ERS.

Professional Affiliations

Carlos is a member of the American Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA).

Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles:

Arnade, C., F. Kuchler, and L. Calvin. 2015. “The changing role of consumers and suppliers in a food safety event: the 2006 foodborne illness outbreak linked to spinach,” Applied Economics 48(25):2345-66. December 

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