Agricultural Information Bulletin No. (AIB-748) 41 pp

March 1999

Broiler Farms' Organization, Management, and Performance

This study provides a comprehensive view of the organization, management, and financial performance of U.S. broiler farms. Using data from USDA's Agricultural Resource Management Study (ARMS, formerly known as the Farm Costs and Returns Survey), we examine farm size, financial structure, household income, management practices, and spousal participation in decisionmaking. We compare broiler operations with other farming enterprises and their earnings with that of the average U.S. household. Because most of the 7 billion broilers produced in the United States in 1995 were raised under contract, we also explore the use of contracts and the effects of contracting on the broiler sector.

Keywords: Broilers, contracting, poultry, farm characteristics, farm income, farm operator characteristics, risk management strategies

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