Economic Information Bulletin No. (EIB-186) 57 pp

December 2017

Food Purchase Decisions of Millennial Households Compared to Other Generations

This report uses Information Resources, Inc.’s Consumer Network dataset to investigate how Millennial households allocate their food-at-home budget, breaking monthly purchases out by food category. Millennials prefer convenience more than other generational cohorts when making food-at-home purchases, with the largest budget shares going to food categories dominated by ready-to-eat foods.

See related Amber Waves article: Millennials Devote Larger Shares of Their Grocery Spending to Prepared Foods, Pasta, and Sugar and Sweets Than Other Generations

Keywords: Millennials, households, diet quality, budget shares, food expenditures, monthly purchases, food at home, ready to eat, time allocation, prepared foods, generational comparisons

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