USDA Microloans for Farmers: Participation Patterns and Effects of Outreach

Economic Research Report No. (ERR-222) 33 pp, December 2016

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by Sarah Tulman, Nathaniel Higgins, Robert Williams, Michael Gerling, Charles Dodson, and Bruce McWilliams

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Farm Service Agency’s (FSA) Microloan program, launched in 2013, aims to better serve the credit needs of several types of farmers: small, beginning, veteran, and/or from historically socially disadvantaged groups (women and minorities). ERS researchers investigate the composition of Microloan borrowers and the receipt of these loans by new FSA borrowers.

Keywords: Farm Service Agency, Microloans, credit programs, Direct Operating Loan, women, minority, beginning farmers and ranchers, veteran, new borrower, outreach, uptake, target group

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