Miscellaneous Publication No. (MP-1532) 184 pp

December 1995

Tracking Foodborne Pathogens from Farm to Table: Data Needs to Evaluate Control Options

The proceedings from the January 9-10, 1995 conference in Washington, DC, held by members of Regional Research Project NE-165, a group of more than 70 economists at land grant universities and government agencies conducting research on the food system. Topics covered include human foodborne disease, susceptibility, and food consumption data; tracking foodborne pathogen data from farm to retail; integrating data for risk management; and a policy roundtable concerning how food safety data and analysis can help in program and policy design.

Keywords: Food safety, pathogens, farm, processing, consumer, producer, industry structure, investment, meat, poultry, irradiation, steam pasteurization, organic sprays, regulation, HACCP, FSIS, USDA, technology, foodborne illness, firm reputation, market forces

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