Rural Development Research Report No. (RDRR-92) 40 pp

October 2001

Displaced Workers: Differences in Nonmetro and Metro Experience in the Mid-1990s

During 1995-97, 3.4 million workers were displaced from their jobs, of whom 500,000 (15 percent) were nonmetro workers. This report examines the displaced workers' experience in metro and nonmetro areas using survey and administrative data. Although nonmetro workers were less likely to be displaced than metro workers, they had a lower probability of finding employment after losing their jobs. Nonmetro workers were less likely to be covered by legislation providing advance notice of job loss and providing retirement and health insurance benefits after being laid off. A variety of programs are available to assist displaced workers in nonmetro areas.

Keywords: Rural unemployment, displacement, dislocation, unemployment, dislocated worker programs, Trade Adjustment Assistance

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