Agricultural Information Bulletin No. (AIB-728) 3 pp

January 1997

Structural and Financial Characteristics of U.S. Farms, 1993: 18th Annual Family Farm Report to Congress

In 1993, the 2.1 million farms in the contiguous United States operated an average of 436 acres and produced an average of $73,700 in agricultural products, as measured by gross sales. Characteristics of individual farms--including their level of production--varied widely, however. Most production occurred on relatively few commercial farms. Commercial farms (sales of $50,000 or more) were only 27 percent of U.S. farms, but accounted for about 90 percent of sales. Households with noncommercial farms (sales less than $50,000) relied on off-farm sources for virtually all of their income. U.S. farms are diverse, and variation within the industry is hidden by U.S. averages.

Keywords: farm finances, farm structure, commercial farms, family farms

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