AGES No. (AGES-9128) 56 pp

June 1991

Program Provisions for Rye, Dry Edible Beans, Oil Crops, Tobacco, Sugar, Honey, Wool, Mohair, Gum Naval Stores, and Dairy Products: A Database for 1961-90

This report opens with a look at the legislative authority for commodity support programs. However, the main body of this report is devoted to program provisions for 1961-90 commodities: rye, dry edible beans, oil crops (cottonseed, flaxseed, peanuts, soybeans, and tung nuts), tobacco, sugar beets and sugarcane, honey, wool and mohair, gum naval stores (rosin and crude pine gum), and dairy products. These provisions are presented in the tables.

Keywords: Price-support program, parity price, support price, target price, nonrecourse loan program, marketing quota, acreage allotment

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