Agricultural Economic Report No. (AER-715) 58 pp

May 1995

Oilseeds: Background for 1995 Farm Legislation

This report address considerations in the 1995 farm bill debate for oilseeds, including market conditions, policy proposals, trade agreements, and the interactions between policy and markets for selected commodities. International trade agreements and greater acreage flexibility have improved the outlook for U.S. oilseed production and trade. Issues for 1995 farm legislation that will affect oilseeds will include: setting marketing loans and loan rates; determining payment acres for program crops; extension of acreage-idling policies; resumption of the Export Enhancement Program for vegetable oils; continued funding for the Conservation Reserve Program and other land use policies; and revenue assurance.

Keywords: Soybeans, soybean meal, soybean oil, sunflowerseed, canola, agricultural policy, agricultural trade, farm characteristics, production costs

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