International Agriculture and Trade Outlook No. (WRS-0701) 49 pp

March 2007

NAFTA at 13: Implementation Nears Completion

Implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is drawing to a close. In 2008, the last of NAFTA's transitional restrictions governing U.S.-Mexico and Canada-Mexico agricultural trade will be removed, concluding a 14-year project in which the member countries systematically dismantled numerous barriers to regional agricultural trade. During the implementation period, the agricultural sectors of Canada, Mexico, and the United States have become much more integrated. Agricultural trade within the free-trade area has grown dramatically, and Canadian and Mexican industries that rely on U.S. agricultural inputs have expanded. U.S. feedstuffs have facilitated a marked increase in Mexican meat production and consumption, and the importance of Canadian and Mexican produce to U.S. fruit and vegetable consumption is growing.

Keywords: North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, Canada-U.S. Free Trade, Agreement, CUSTA, Canada, Mexico, United States, trade, investment, transportation

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