International Agriculture and Trade Outlook No. (WRS-040501) 20 pp

April 2004

EU Enlargement: Implications for New Member Countries, the United States, and World Trade

This is part of a series of reports on the integration of the transition economies of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Newly Independent States (NIS) into global commodity markets. This report analyzes the likely impacts of European Union (EU) enlargement on production and trade in the CEE countries about to join the EU and impacts on U.S. trade with the enlarged EU. The report finds that many of the adjustments have already taken place as a result of preferential trade agreements signed between the EU and the acceding countries. The most dramatic changes after accession are likely to be significant increases in output of beef and coarse grains by the CEEs and a small decline in wheat output by the enlarged EU. The United States stands to lose its poultry market in the CEEs, but could see slightly larger wheat exports.

Keywords: European Union, EU, Central and Eastern Europe, CEE, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, EU Enlargement, U.S. trade with Eastern Europe, grain, wheat, beef

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